Vaishali Thakkar's suicide reason is revealed on Monday. Rahul Navlani's this person is reason behind the Vaishali suicide.

The biggest villain of Vaishali's life was Rahul Navlani. Vaishali was not getting married because of this Rahul.

Fans would know that Vaishali was engaged to her dentist boyfriend Dr Abhinandan Singh on 26 April 2021.

Vaishali was very excited to start a new chapter of life with Kenya based Abhinandan. But this lovely relationship caught the eye of Rahul.

According to reports, Rahul sent pictures and videos of Vaishali to Abhinandan. Rahul made every effort to break this relationship. Rahul was successful in that too. 

Vaishali and Abhinandan's relationship broke down. There was a break on Vaishali and Abhinandan's love story here and this love remained incomplete.